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Current version - v1.1.0#

The state of the repository and documentation represents the current state-of-the-art of the iFDO standard. The current version as documented here is v1.1.0. The version of an iFDO can be specified by the image-set-ifdo-version field in the image-set-header part.


v1.0.0 -> v1.1.0#

  • Added the required image-set-ifdo-version field as an image-set-header-only field of the iFDO core section
  • Dropped the optional image-pixel-per-millimeter field from the iFDO capture section due to redundancy with image-area-square-meter field (you can keep using it if you like but tools might not understand it anymore)
  • Renamed image-resolution in iFDO capture section to image-pixel-magnitude to avoid ambiguity
  • Added the optional image-datetime-format field to specify non-standard date formats
  • Added the image-annotations:labels:created-at field as an ISO8601 datetime of an annotation
  • Corrected wrong data types in image-camera-pose subfields.
  • Modified the description texts (on using iFDO usage for video, image pixel coordinates, annotation confidence, )
  • specified field data types consistenly
  • Added a roadmap of the iFDO development