This field is part of the schema "image FAIR Digital Object": An iFDO file is a human- and machine-readable file format collecting metadata of an entire image set, without including the actual image data, only references to it through persistent identifiers.


descriptionInformation required to specify the photometric calibration. Details given in properties.


propertiesphotometric-sequence-white-balancing (string): A text on how white-balancing was done.
photometric-exposure-factor-RGB (array): RGB factors applied to this image, product of ISO, exposure time, relative white balance
photometric-sequence-illumination-type (string): e.g. constant artificial, globally adapted artificial, individually varying light sources, sunlight, mixed)
photometric-sequence-illumination-description (string): A text on how the image sequence was illuminated
photometric-illumination-factor-RGB (array): RGB factors applied to artificial lights for this image
photometric-water-properties-description (string): A text describing the photometric properties of the water within which the images were capture