This field is part of the schema "image FAIR Digital Object": An iFDO file is a human- and machine-readable file format collecting metadata of an entire image set, without including the actual image data, only references to it through persistent identifiers.


descriptionInformation required to specify camera pose. Details given in properties.


propertiespose-utm-zone (string): The UTM zone number
pose-utm-epsg (string): The EPSG code of the UTM zone
pose-utm-east-north-up-meters (array): The position of the camera center in UTM coordinates.
pose-absolute-orientation-utm-matrix (array): 3x3 row-major float rotation matrix that transforms a direction in camera coordinates (x,y,z = right,down,line of sight) into a direction in UTM coordinates (x,y,z = easting,northing,up)}