This field is part of the schema "Annotations of images": A schema to establish a format for annotations within images (photos and videos) of different shape and by different annotators


descriptionThis field stores all annotations as a list of dictionaries of 3-4 fields: shape, coordinates, labels and (optional) frames. See further explanations below. The list of labels specifies the IDs or names of objects and annotators and their confidence. These should be specified in an `image-annotation-labels` and `image-annotation-creators` field (see above) to provide more information on the values used in these fields.


items{'type': 'object', 'properties': {'shape': {'description': 'The annotation shape is specified by a keyword (allowed values: see enum).', 'type': 'string', 'enum': ['single-pixel', 'polyline', 'polygon', 'circle', 'rectangle', 'ellipse', 'whole-image']}, 'coordinates': {'description': 'The pixel coordinates of one annotation. The top-left corner of an image is the (0,0) coordinate. The x-axis is the horizontal axis. Pixel coordinates may be fractional. Coordinates are to be given as a list of lists (only one element for photos, optionally multiple elements for videos). The required number of pixel coordinates is defined by the shape (0 for whole-image, 2 for single-pixel, 3 for circle, 8 for ellipse/rectangle, 4 or more for polyline, 8 or more for polygon). The third coordinate value of a circle defines the radius. The first and last coordinates of a polygon must be equal. Format: [[p1.x,p1.y,p2x,p2.y,...]..]', 'type': 'array', 'items': {'type': 'array', 'items': {'type': 'number'}}}, 'labels': {'description': 'The list of labels assigned to annotations by annotators', 'type': 'array', 'items': {'type': 'object', 'required': ['label', 'annotator', 'created-at'], 'properties': {'label': {'description': 'A unique identifier to a semantic label', 'type': 'string'}, 'annotator': {'description': 'A unique identifier to an annotation creator, e.g. orcid URL or handle to ML model', 'type': 'string'}, 'created-at': {'description': 'The date-time stamp of label creation', 'type': 'string', 'format': 'date-time'}, 'confidence': {'description': 'A numerical confidence estimate of the validity of the label between 0 (untrustworthy) and 1 (100% certainty)', 'type': 'number'}}}}, 'frames': {'description': '(only required for video annotations) Frame times (in seconds from the beginning of a video) of a video annotation. Each frame time is linked to one entry in `image-annotations:coordinates` at the same position in the list, which specifies the current coordinates of the annotation at that frame.\nFormat: [f1,...]'}}}