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Over its first year of existence, the iFDO format was developed by members of the MareHub working group on Images/Videos and through the HGF/INF/HMC-funded project FDO-5DI of DLR and GEOMAR. Additional input was collected from the international marine imaging community. As the next step, a steering board of up to ten members from academia, industry and governance and with international representation shall be assembled at the upcoming Marine Imaging Workshop (10/2022). Please write an e-mail to in case you are interested to join the steering board. The steering board will then create a statute for the future development of the iFDO format over half a year (ca. 04/2023).

Roadmap of iFDO development#

Upcoming versions#


Should include: - provenance mechanism - unit names in field names for lat,lon,depth,… (TBD!) - stereo imagery - possibility to encode parts of the iFDO file in binary


Additional fields to reference information from iFDOs in external resources (e.g. equipment database).

Current version v1.1.0#

Updated fields and more detailed, consistent and specific documentation.

Previous versions#


Initial publication of the iFDO concept through the repository at and with static supplementary material published as OceanBest Practice ( and